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It is inevitable that eventually your paver with get dirty from people walking on it. That's why SRW Paver cleaners can take care of even the most well-worn pavers. No matter how dirty or grimy the paver, SRW paver cleaners can make it look like new. Having been in business for over 25 years, SRW products are time tested and built to last.

SRW Paver Cleaners come in a variety of formulas, including:
  • PW Paver Wash – A general use paver washer. It is considered essential to use this before sealing your pavers. Made to eliminate the toughest polyhaze, efflorescence and ground-in dirt. Can be easily applied, and is useful in spot treatments.
  • EF Efflorescence – This product is specially made to dissolve and remove efflorescence. Efflorescence is a deposit of crystaline on paver surfaces such as concrete, stucco, brick, clay, and more. It quickly dissolves the crystals, restoring your pavers to their original colors, without the use on acids that would otherwise damage your pavers.
  • CD Cleaner & Degreaser – A concentrated spot treatment cleaner, this cleaner was specifically made to remove stains such as grease and oil. The formula is fact acting, quickly removing any unsightly stain, and can then be washed off with water.
  • SW Stone Wash – A general purpose wash made for natural stone. Perfect for removing dirt, oil, and light grease stains from stone.
  • WW Wetcast Wash – Wetcast is a critical product to use before sealing your paver. It removes any mold agents from the paver to ensure an optimal bond.

SRW create a variety of products to cover almost every surface imaginable. Professionals everywhere depend on SRW Products for their superior strength and time-tested performance.

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