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Concrete/Paver Adhesives: SRW hardscape Adhesives in Ocean County

SRW Adhesive is the strongest adhesive around. Created for use on pavers, blocks, retaining walls, aluminum, concrete, steel, and more! For over 25 years, SRW Adhesive has been time-tested and proven its performance in countless hardscape projects throughout the United States. We proudly offer a variety of SRW products, knowing that this adhesive will meet or exceed your expectations.

SRW Adhesives come in a variety of formulas, including:
  • Landscape Construction Adhesives
    Over and over, this ORIGINAL VOC Formula has proven its strength and performance.
  • Solvent Based Adhesives
    SRW Adhesive is the strongest adhesive of its kind. It is formulated for retaining walls, pavers, block, masonry, concrete, aluminum, steel and most common landscaping materials.
  • Rapid Set Polyurethane Adhesives
    One of the newer additions to the SRW Adhesive family, SRW Rapid-Set Polyurethane Adhesive is the fastest curing adhesive on the market! It is specially formulated for landscape and construction projects and provides a fast, permanent bond to almost any material, even non-porous substrates.
  • Vertical Instant Lock Adhesives
    This new adhesive from SRW Products can save valuable time by instantly locking stone and other materials in place without sag or slip.

With products made for virtually any material, and the strength and versatility to be used in any temperature. Professionals everywhere depend on SRW Products for their superior strength and time-tested performance.

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