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Black & Natural Mulch in Ocean County

Double shredded hardwood mulch: available for delivery or pickup

Alborn Supply is Ocean County's choice for high-quality mulch. We carry hardwood double shredded Black and Natural Mulch. Both available for delivery or pickup and are sold by the cubic yard. Discounts are available for bulk purchases. Mulch reduces maintenance by preventing weed growth and maintaining moisture over longer periods without rain.

Black Mulch
In Ocean County

mulch ocean county

Mulch is an easy way to improve the look of your flower beds while providing many benefits to the plants within them. Mulching provides a host of benefits to your landscaping efforts. When used properly mulch has the following effects on plants and soil. Mulches can help prevent water loss from the soil by minimizing evaporation, minimizes the infestation of weeds into a weed free flower bed, and when applied properly, can prevent weed germination altogether.

During the warmer seasons, mulch can prevent your plants from overheating and drying out, as well as keep the soil cooler. During cold winters, mulch insulates the soil to help keep it warmer minimizing frost damage to the plants. Lawn maintenance mulches are a great idea in the summer that help protect trees and shrubs from physical damage from lawn equipment. In almost any situation, mulching is a good idea.

The best time to mulch new plants are right after you plant them. Near older plants that are already established, mulch is recommended in early spring. At this time plants are starting to grow and summer weeds have not yet had a chance to germinate.

Mulch only needs to be replenished as it begins to decompose and depends on the different types of mulch material. Grass clippings and leaves decompose very fast and need to be replenished frequently. Inorganic mulches such as gravel and pebbles do not need replacement and the plants will fill in the bed area on their own.

Natural Mulch
In Ocean County

mulch ocean county

The amount of mulch to apply depends on the texture and density of the mulch material. Many wood mulches and bark mulches are made of finer particles and should not exceed three inches in depth. Too much fine textured mulches will suffocate plant roots by blocking air flow; causing the leave to turn yellow and resulting in poor growth.

Mulching is a practice that gardeners, landscapers, and homeowners all take part in. It's an easy way to upgrade your yard and a smart idea to help protect and nurture your trees, shrubs, and plants. It's also a great way to boost the curb appeal of your home.

Contact Us or Call (732) 503-4816 today to speak to one of our experienced mulch associates. Located in Toms River (Ocean County, NJ) on Fischer Blvd., Alborn Supply, helps customers throughout New Jersey including but not limited to Ocean County.

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