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Cambridge ArmorTec Pavers: Dealer/Distributor of Ocean County

After many years of outstanding performance and beauty, Cambridge Paving stones with ArmorTec are recognizably smooth and dense with rich color. The sustainable benefits are a result of a proven formula used in manufacturing Cambridge Pavingstones – only super-fine sand granules and granite, one of the world's hardest rocks (WITHOUT ANY small and large stone particles) and cement of the highest quality. You will not find unsightly holes or blemishes from stone particles revealed on the surface of Cambridge ArmorTec Pavingstones.

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Without ArmorTec, the pavingstone will look faded as the sand, cement and color wear off. Small holes (voids) seen on the pavingstone without ArmorTec detract from the appearance of the surrounding surface areas and contribute further to their worn look. Stone particles in various sizes become exposed on the surface leaving it rough and worn-looking.

Our pavers are multipurpose. Use pavers for creating pathways and building walls to blend with any landscape or terrain.

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Our mission is to bring your landscaping vision to
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