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Time To Winterize Your Yard And Landscape

Alborn Supply Of Ocean County Shows Its Customers How To Winterize Your Yard And Landscape

The wintertime can be tough on your yard. Without the proper preparation, you can expect to have to do a lot of maintenance to your landscape come this fall. To keep your yard and landscape in the best possible condition, check out these tips provided by Alborn Supply of Ocean County, NJ.

First, be sure to fertilize your yard. At this point fertilizer won't do much this fall, but it will help once the snow melts and the grass starts to grow in the spring.

If you have any bare patches in your yard, do some overseeing. Prepare the area by mowing and thatching and then spread the seed. The seed won't grow this fall, but it will germinate in the spring.

Be sure to give your landscaping one final watering in the fall. Your plans should not go into winter dry. That's not an issue this year, given we've had plenty of rain this fall, but in the future be sure to water your plants one last time before you put your hose away for the winter.

You can either clear your landscaping in the fall or in the spring. If you do choose to clear your landscaping in the fall, wait until it's completely brown. If your plants are still green, they're still providing nutrients to the roots that the plant needs to survive the winter.

Finally, wrap your young trees. Wrapping trees will prevent damage from pests and rabbits and will also prevent sun scald. Sun scald happens when the sun warms the tree, it expands and then temperatures drop back below freezing at night. Sun scald can cause your trees to crack. When wrapping trees, wrap from the bottom upward. You can fasten the wrap at the bottom and top with duct tape or any other type of tape. You should wrap your trees in November, but be sure to remove the wrapping by late March. Leaving the wrap into the spring and summer can trap heat and cause damage.

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