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4 Reasons Early Spring Is the Best Time to Install New Brick Pavers

Ocean County patio nj paving Business Landscaping tipsAlborn Supply of Ocean County shares some insight on the best time to install a new patio

Installing new brick pavers to create a beautiful sidewalk or patio is an ideal way to enhance any commercial or residential property. To ensure the project is a success, it’s important to schedule the work during the right season. It’s recommended that the scheduling of these projects should be in early spring, right after the winter frost has melted. Here, you will find a few important reasons behind this guidance.

1. Comfortable Temperatures

Working outdoors is easier when it’s not too cold or warm for comfort. Although the professional crew won’t let uncomfortable temperatures prevent them from getting the job done, they can work quickly if they don’t have to bundle up to stay warm or take frequent breaks to stay cool. Scheduling the project for the spring also means you won’t have to worry about snow preventing them from getting to the job site.

2. Stable Terrain

During the winter, frost heaves can cause the ground to shift slightly. Most of the time, this issue is undetectable, but the crew who is installing your brick pavers will notice the difference. These minor shifts can lead to uneven results, especially when the ground returns to its normal position. To ensure your sidewalk or patio look its best, you should wait until after the frost melts and the ground is stable. If the winter is unseasonably long, you might still have enough time to finish the project later in the spring.

3. Flexible Scheduling

Waiting until summer to tackle a masonry project might sound like a good idea, but it can be inconvenient. Many people choose to schedule these projects for the summer months due to the dry weather and ability to take vacation time, making it difficult to find an available contractor.

4. Time to Use Your Surface

Scheduling a masonry job for early spring allows you to use your new walkway or patio all summer long. If you postpone the project until autumn, the weather will get cold too quickly, meaning you have to wait until next year to enjoy the new surface.

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